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The newest addition to James Madison’s dining facilities, the East Campus Dining Hall opened in 2009, and the student body soon shortened the official name to “E-Hall”. It serves as an east-campus, sister facility to Gibbons Hall, or “D-hall.” With 700 seats, the new all-you-can-eat dining location has plenty of room for JMU’s growing student body. E-Hall also became the first on campus dining facility eligible for sustainability certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.
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Top Dog

Top Café, a food-court style eatery, entices students and offers plenty of variety.  Located on the second floor of Phillips Hall, Top Dog offers four unique venues: Mongolian Grill, Sushi, Madison Bread Company, and GrilleWorks.

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Chains and Cafés

In addition to the selection of dining locations completely unique to James Madison’s campus, JMU also offers a vast selection of chain restaurants and cafes, all located on campus.  Offering the same menus as the traditional locations we know and love, JMU students can enjoy the breakfast, lunch, and dinner options of their favorite restaurants.  JMU’s campus offers over eight locations of your favorite chains including: Starbucks, Java City, Chick-fil-A, Einstein Bros. Bagels, and Quizno’s.
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Known by the student population simply as “D-hall,” James Madison’s original buffet-style dining hall, located in Gibbons Hall on the campus’ commons, is a central location to any student’s on-campus experience. The location serving a wide variety of cooking is brought to you by The Fresh Food Company, which brings students the next generation campus dining.  Serving JMU’s residents with an all-you-care-to-eat dining with a restaurant experience.
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P.C. Dukes

P.C. Dukes, located directly under Top Dog Café, is another popular dining destination on campus.  Dukes offers five different food venues:  Bene Pizza, Duke’s Deli, PC Sliders, Side Pocket, and Zoca.  The location offers a vast variety of foods including: New York-style pizza, Mexican favorites, mini-burgers, and stuffed pitas.

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The Festival

Positioned atop James Madison’s east-campus, the food-court style dining location, the Festival, not only has an impressive selection of foods but also boasts a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Featuring eight unique venues: Cranberry Farms, Tumbleweed Farms, El Bows, Fired Up, Grille Works, Montague’s Deli, Sunrise Sunset, and the Salad Bar, the Festival offers a plethora of unique dining selections.
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